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Books published by the Gage County Historical Society


Gage County History published by the Gage County Historical Society in 1983. 362 pages. Hard bound. Includes biographies of Gage County residents and brief history of the area. 

Portrait and Biographical Album of Gage County
 by Chapman Bros. 780 pages including sketches of farms and people, biographies of Gage County residents and presidents up to 1888. First published in 1888, republished by the Gage County Historical Society in 1997.


Beatrice and Gage County. Who Her Business Men are and What They are Doing. Gage County Democrat April 16, 1886 by Gage County Historical Society. 2013. 58 pages. This publication features the businesses as written and published in the newspaper on April 16, 1886. The articles have been supplemented with ads of the same time period. Most of the businesses that came to Gage County during this time remained in Beatrice for years.


Beatrice, Nebraska Photographs (hardbound) by Cliff Guenther. This book was designed by Cliff Guenther's son, Ted, in memory of his father, Cliff, who took numerous pictures about Beatrice from 1939-1940. Ted Guenther has given the Gage County Historical Society exclusive permission to publish his book and the companion paperback with proceeds to benefit the Society. The hardbound book is covered in black linen with a cutout revealing the Gage County Courthouse. In the back of the book is a key to the images. 49 pages. 


My Hometown, Beatrice, Nebraska 1940-1970 by Gage County Historical Society. Images of Beatrice from 1940-1970 including churches, schools, parks, factories, hospitals, Post Office, Court House, street scenes, and businesses such as Ranch-O, Buds Drive In, Chat-n-Nibble, Ballards Tourist Camp, Goodenoughs Doc’s T.V., and Kuhls-Hohbein. Special thanks to those who participated. 45 pages.


Beatrice Illustrated first published by Beatrice Express newspaper in 1888, re-published by Gage County Historical Society in 1999. 62 pages. Hard bound. Includes sketches and history of the buildings, businesses, churches and organizations in Beatrice in 1888.


"Our Own Plan Book" by the John H. Von Steen Lumber Company, reprinted by the Gage County Historical Society in 2014. 48 pages with drawings and house plans. Some of these plans were used to build houses in Gage County and the surrounding area. Printed as found in the Gage County Museum's collection, including pencil marks and creases. Paperback with staples, just like the original.


Kansas City, Wyandotte & Northwestern Railroad Co., Beatrice, Nebraska first published in 1890, re-published by the Gage County Historical Society in 1996. Paperback. This was a promotional book to entice people to move to Beatrice. 


Profiles of Nationally Distinguished Nebraskans by E.A. Kral and Jean Sanders. Published by Gage County Historical Society 2010. 267 pages including photographs. Paperbound. 


The Indian Captive, Long Lost Jackson Boy (William Filley) published by Filley and Ballard in 1867 and reprinted with additions by the Gage County Historical Society in 2011. 77 pages. 


Queen City of the Blue by Zoa Ann Worden. 153 page abbreviated history of Beatrice including an1881 birdseye view drawing of Beatrice. Paperback. Published in 1976. 


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