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Gage County Classic Film Institute

Gage County Classic Film Institute is organization under the umbrella of the Gage County Historical Society, which runs the Gage County Museum. Community Players and the Beatrice Library are partners. Recent events have been funded by grants from the Havelone Foundation and Gage County Foundation.


  • Dedicated to educating the public about Gage County, Nebraska’s connections to movies, TV and stage.
  • Holds yearly events related to one or more Gage County celebrities.
  • Brings in speakers who discuss these celebrities’ local ties.
  • Hosts question and answer sessions.
  • Has relevant books available for sale at Gage County Museum.

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March 15 & 16 FILM EVENT:
Gene Coon's 100th Birthday Event

Gage County Historical Society's Gage County Classic Film Institute will celebrate the career of Beatrice-born Hollywood writer Gene Coon. Gene was born in Beatrice on January 7th, 1924.From 1942-1946, He served in the Marines in World War II as a reservist in radio communication. He returned to active duty during the Korean War. Gene began his TV writing career in the 1956 TV Series "Medic". Other TV shows he wrote for were “Laredo,” “It Takes a Thief,” and “Wagon Train.” Besides writing and producing for many TV shows from 1956 to 1974, Gene also wrote the screenplay for three films and was the writer on five films.

Event flyer with schedule and ticket/donor form (PDF)


Order tickets online at


Special Guests:

Andreea Kindryd -Author of the book “From Slavery to StarTrek"

Current Schedule:

FRIDAY, March 15
Centenary United Methodist Church, 608 Elk Street. Free.
6:00PM Reception & Screening: Laredo: The Golden Trail (1965)
Catering by Colleen’s Catering

SATURDAY, March 16
Beatrice Community Players Theatre, 412 Ella St. and Zoom. Ticket required for ages 13 & up.
Morning (includes 15 minute break at 9:30)
Location: Community Players (concessions will be available during the screenings)
8:00am - Doors Open
8:30am - Welcome - Jeanelle Kleveland
8:40am - Beatrice Connection with Laureen Riedesel
9:00am - Matt McKeever - Biographical Gene Coon

Valentino’s Primavera Room, 701 E. Court Street • Lunch is on your own
12:00pm Option for Italian buffet. The guests and speakers will do a Q & A
moderated by Omaha film historian Bruce Crawford

Beatrice Community Players Theatre, 412 Ella Street • Ticket required for ages 13 & up. 
1:30pm - Michael Page - Sci-Fi Literature and Hollywood
2:00pm - Screening: Star Trek : Spock’s Brain (1968)
2:50pm - Screening: Star Trek: Space Seed (1967)
4:00pm - Special Guest Speaker : Andreea Kindryd via Zoom

Schedule subject to change due to our Guest Speaker. 

Tickets for Saturday morning and afternoon events: $20 • $15 Gage County Historical Society members • Free for 12 & under

4 ways to buy tickets:
Mail in form on this flyer (PDF)
Online at (credit card only with small convenience fee)
• At the Gage County Museum (credit card, check or cash)
• At the door (credit card, check or cash)

Tickets and VIP popcorn containers ordered with this form will be available for pick-up at the box office on Saturday, March 16.


  • Special effects artist John P. Fulton- featured guests: daughter Joanne Fulton Schaefer and great-grandson Nico Fulton Lavachek. 
  • Actor Robert Taylor 100th, 105th and 110th birthday celebrations featured authors Charles Tranberg and Linda Alexander (110th also featured author Gillian Kelly, as well as Robert Taylor’s son Terry Taylor) (105th was combined with actress Janet Shaw) (100th also featured Robert Taylor’s children Terry Taylor and Tessa Taylor)
  • Special effects artist John P. Fulton — featured guests: daughter Joanne Fulton Schaefer and niece Jill McClure
  • Robert Taylor in “Quo Vadis”
  • Gene Coon (writer and producer for “Star Trek”) — featured guest: writer David Gerrold
  • Silent movie mega-star Harold Lloyd — featured guests: author Scott Eyman and silent film accompanist Ben Model
  • Spotlight on Maude & Richard Wayne (1920’s sibling silent movie stars) Josephine Huston (1930’s movie and Broadway star) — featured guest: silent film accompanist and historian Ben Model


  • Gail Butler (former Gage County Historical Society board member)
  • Sheila Day (Gage County Historical Society board member)
  • Cassandra Dean (Gage County Museum Administrator)
  • Vicki Jedlicka (Graphic designer)
  • Renee Jones (Gage County Historical Society board member)
  • Jeanelle S. Kleveland (Local film historian)
  • Chris Moran (former Gage County Historical Society board member)
  • Laureen Riedesel (Retired Beatrice Public Library director)
  • Joanne Neeman (Beatrice Public Library director)
  • Jamie Ulmer (Community Players managing artistic director)


For more information, or to become a “supporting cast” donor, contact Sheila Day at 402-540-2579 or

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